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Critter Junction Pet Rescue

Male Rabbit, neuter pending

$100 adoption

1 year old Mom and her 4 beautiful kittens, 3 girls and 1 boy DOB...

Mom and kittens will all be available for adoption soon.

Pregnancy Hold

Raphael, 2yr old, Male Rabbit, neuter pending

$100 adoption

Brownie, Female Guinea Pig  2-year old

Adoption fee $20

                    Maternity Mom's

Blossom, Female Guinea Pig 2-year old

Adoption fee $20

Of the 10 rats surrendered recently, 3 were pregnant. All of the adults have been adopted, but we now have boys and girls, ranging from 6 weeks to 3 months old, ready to be adopted.   $10 adoption fee.

Allison, Female Cat; DOB 7/02/20

Very sweet!!

Spayed, vaccinated and ready for a home of her own

Acorn, Male Guinea Pig 3-month old

$20 adoption

Pregnancy Hold

Adoption Pending

Jaq and Zaq, Male Guinea Pigs 

Bernard, 1 year old, very friendly, loves to run on his saucer; male mouse 

$10 adoption fee.


Joe Frog, Northern Leapord Frog

$20 adoption

Male Guinea Pigs 1-year old and 7 months

$20 adoption

Buttercup, Feale Guinea Pig 2-year old

Adoption fee $20

Chungus, Male Gerbil

He is a grump guy, but we love him!

Adoption $10