• We facilitate a pet (dog and/or cat) spay/neuter transport to the Spay Me! Clinic in Madison once a month. 
  • Appointments must be scheduled in advance at the Critter Junction Pet Rescue.
  • Appointments must be scheduled in person or over the phone at the Critter Junction Pet Rescue.
  • Payment must be made to the Critter Junction Pet Rescue at time of scheduling to lock your spot.
  • Clinic transport space is limited and on a 1st come, 1st serve basis.  Spaces can NOT be reserved in advance of scheduling.
  • Cats (male and female) are $80/each which includes the spay/neuter, transport, nail trim and pain medication.
  • Outdoor community and free roaming cats are $60/each which includes spay/neuter, transport, ear tip (required, not optional with outdoor package), rabies vaccination, and one (1) revolution treatment.
  • Male dogs are $125/each which includes the neuter, transport, nail trim and pain medication.
  • Female dogs are $145/each which includes the spay/neuter, transport, nail trim and pain medication.
  • Additional vaccinations and services are available at an additional cost to the pet owner..
  • Additional services must be paid for in advance or up to and including time of drop off.
  • Any additional services, at time of appointment, with the Spay Me! Clinic staff, must be paid for at time of pick up.
  • Surgical consent forms are provided to the pet owner at time of scheduling.
  • It is the pet owner's responsibility to return completed, signed and dated surgical consent forms with the pet at time of drop off.
  • The time and date for drop off and pickup will be provided on the Spay Me! paperwork at time of registration. 
  • It is the owner's responsibility to assure they drop off and pick up their pet on time as scheduled.
  • Pet owners will need to make a conference phone call the morning after drop off / day of surgery to the Spay Me! Clinic; phone info will be provided to the pet owner at time of drop off.
  • It is the owners responsibility to make sure the surgical consent phone call is made at the correct time as provided at the drop off.
  • If the phone call is not made, the Spay Me! clinic will make every attempt to contact the owner based on the phone numbers and email on the surgical consent forms.
  • If no surgical consent contact is made, the pet will be returned without the spay/neuter surgery being done, and there will be NO refund.
  • There may be a delay in pick up time due to the length of surgeries, driving conditions, or other uncontrollable or unexpected circumstances.
  • If we are made aware of a substantial delay in the pick up time, we will try to contact pet owners to the best of our ability.
  • Cats do need to each be in their own (owner provided) separate hard plastic carriers provided by the owner.
  • More than one pet cannot travel in the same carrier together.
  • Carriers are provided for dogs at no cost;owners.
  • Owners are welcome to provide their own carrier for dogs, they must be the rigid plastic type carrier; no mesh or metal bar carriers are permitted. 
  • Hard plastic carriers must be in good working order, well maintained, safe for travel, and of reasonable size for the individual pet.
  • We do have carriers available at the rescue for cats that can be picked up in advance. 
  • There is a $20 deposit for cat carriers and the payee will get $10 back when the carrier is returned.
  • Outdoor community cats can be contained and transported in either a hard plastic carrier or in a live trap if applicable.
  • Appointments cannot be canceled or refunded after the 1st day of the month of service.
  • Cancellations before the 1st day of the month of service result in a 50% administrative fee.
  • There is a $25 administrative charge for rescheduling an appointment after the 1st day of the month of service. 
  • Note: it is possible for a clinic to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather and/or unsafe road conditions.
  • If a clinic is cancelled: the clinic will be rescheduled for a later date, at no additional charge to the pet owner.

** 154 Satterlee St, **Fond du Lac, WI ** 54935 

Critter Junction Pet Rescue

We host a transport to the Spay! Me Clinic in

Madison once every month.

The spay/neuter, transport, nail trim and pain

medication is all  included in cost.

Additional vaccinations are available. 

Spaces are limited and the schedule fills fast.

Please call (920) 933-5111 for availability information and refer to the FAQs below.