Sorry, we do not do clips, cuts or shaves at this time,

but we will take care of minor mats and sanitary trims.

We do bathe cats,

rabbits and other small pets; call for pricing.

Average pricing:

Cat bath $25

Nail trim $10 with bath

Doors are open to the public ** 154 Satterlee St, **Fond du Lac, WI ** 54935 

DIY Self-serve pet wash: 

$15 per pet.

Use the wash tubs, shampoos, conditioners, towels, dryers, grooming tools, and all other amenities in the grooming room.

Plus, we are here to assist you and your pet, and can take care of nail trims, minor matting, ear cleaning, gland expression, teeth brushing, and etc.

House calls by appointment.

​In city of Fond du Lac only.

Call 920-933-5111

Amenity Services:

Nail trim, $11

Nail trim and grind, $16

Anal gland (internal) expression, $10 

​Undercoat blow out, $20

​Mat shave, per mat, $5

Ear cleaning, $7

Teeth brushing, $7

Cat nail caps:

All 4 paw nail trim and front caps, $20.

5 or less $1.50 per nail replacement cap.

​6 or more $2 per nail replacement cap.

                  DIY Self-serve with Full Serve Amenity Services

                 ...for dogs, cats, small pets, exotics and birds.

Critter Junction Pet Rescue