Session 2 games:


Jackpot or $300 consolation prize

1 face for $1

3 face for $3

6 face sheet for $6

SPEEDY Game: $50 minimum prize
or 1/2 of night's speedy sales - which ever is greater:
Speedy: $1 for each 1 face sheet


The Progressive Game is at the end of the night:

Bingo winners of $1200 or more in a single game do need to present a valid state issued picture id and social security card to collect winnings; and we do need to pay the person that played the game...this includes children. The i.d. requirement is for winning the jack pot on the progressive game ONLY, progressive is the last game of the night and not required to be purchased or played to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Session 1 packets:
$100 to $200 cash prize per game:
1 face packet for $5 (for all 17 1st session games)
3 face packet for $10 (for all 17 1st session games)
6 face packet for $20 (for all 17 1st session games)
9 face packet for $30 (for all 17 1st session games)

Plus Raffles


Critter Junction Pet Rescue

Doors are open to the public ** 154 Satterlee St, **Fond du Lac, WI ** 54935 

We have BINGO every Thursday and the 2nd and 4th Saturday every month!

Hall Notes:

Please, please, please, if you do not feel well...Stay Home.

Children are welcome to play (and win) but must attend with an adult relative.
No carry ins-- food and refreshments are sold in the kitchen.
Bingo game sheets and supplies will be sold at the front table only.
All tables must be cleared by Players at the end of the night.
No personal items can be left in the hall.

Over $2500 in cash prizes every night!

​311 Winnebago Dr. in Fond du Lac WI 54935

Doors open and sales start at 5:00 p.m., Play at 6:30 p.m.