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The Cat Maternity Program

Tackling a huge problem from a different side;

putting a stop to the never ending cycle of

unwanted litters of kittens.​​

Even with low cost options, many cat owners cannot afford the price of standards spays, and some quite honestly just wont. 

Often farms or low income pet owners, even with the best of intentions, female cats still find a way to get pregnant.

Through our Maternity Cat Program (the oops) pregnant Mom cats, and Mom Cats with litters of kittens are surrendered to the Rescue.  The Mom is allowed to queen and nurse her kittens until they are 8 weeks of age, at which time the Mom is fully Vetted, Spayed, vaccinated and returned to her owner at no cost. 

The Kittens are retained by and adopted through the Rescue, where we make sure they are as well -- fully vetted, vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and adopted into loving homes.

Space is limited and by appointment only. 

If would like to discuss this program, please call our caring rescue volunteers at 920-933-5111