Drawing to be held July 29th at 6:00 p.m., at 154 Satterlee St., Fond du Lac, but don't wait - only 1000 tickets will be sold.

1st Annual Basket and Cash Raffle to support the Cat Maternity Program

To support the cat maternity Program. Get your cash and basket raffle tickets. The prizes are amazing. 1 for $10 or 3 for $25. Profits will go to support the Cat Maternity program. Every year we take in pregnant cats and cats with kittens. Cats who have owners and did not intend for the kittens to happen. After the kittens are weaned, Mom is vaccinated and spayed (at no cost) and is returned to the family that loves them. The kittens are also vaccinated, spays/neuters are booked and they are adopted into new homes. Working together to keep them out of the homeless system. Tickets can be purchased at 154 Satterlee St in Fond du Lac Tuesday thru Saturday 10am to 6pm, or by credit/debit card over the phone 920-933-5111. Note: tickets can not be mailed.

1st prize: Over 12lbs of Hershey's chocolate plus $1000 cash.

2nd prize: A private wine and cheese tasting for 8 at Staller Estate Vineyard and Winery, assorted wine items including a bottle of wine and 2 wine glasses...plus $500 cash.

3rd prize: Sometimes you just have to pamper yourself, this package will do just that, and the $250 cash that comes with this package will feel pretty good too!

4th prize: We could all use a coffee break, a basket full of Starbucks items, coffee and with a $25 Starbucks gift card...plus $150 cash.

5th prize: A gift certificate for 18 holes of golf at the Camelot.  If the golf does not go so well, you can still celebrate the 19th hole in style with all the 19th hole novelties included with the package...and $150 cash will make it go down easy.

6th prize: The Dream Catcher basket has some great items; which includes a gift certificate for a one night stay in a family suite at the Great Wolf Lodge, a $200 gift certificate for the water park at the Great Wolf Lodge...plus $100 cash prize will pay for your trip there.

7th prize: Tea time with the Mad Hauteur The package includes a glass tea carafe, tea, a large time piece and of course a desk top croquet set; but we did save the Queen of Hearts for another package.  The package also includes $75 cash. Yes, we are all mad here!

8th prize: Spend the $75 gift certificate at C.W. Smith jewelers. The package includes a teddy bear jewelry box, a wooden heart puzzle jewelry box, a bottle of wine, 2 hand painted wine glasses, and a frame for your precious moment!...and $50 cash.

9th prize: Everything you will need for a Margarita Madness party...plus $50 cash to go with it all.

10th prize: An official Green Bay Packer 2016 team imprint autographed Football...including the certificate of authenticity. Your Green Bay Packer collection is not complete unless you have managed to get your hands on one of these!...plus the $25 cash, that goes with this prize, will get you the display case to put it in!

11th prize: Everything you will need for your next poker party, including a large, vintage, working, metal slot machine bank. You can pull the handle all you want, but it wont open unless you put change in - and then it only opens at random. What a great way to save money for the next poker night......you can start by using the $25 cash that comes with this prize to start plugging the slot machine.

12th prize: Donated by St. Bernard's Medical Center. A $250 value - amongst other great items, this package comes with a gift certificate for a free microchip and a gift certificate for one free pet preventative care exam package......and $10 cash.

Critter Junction Pet Rescue

** 154 Satterlee St, **Fond du Lac, WI ** 54935